From Left: Managing Partner, Colton Group, Collins Balogun; Former Commissioner for Housing, Lagos State, Dele Onabokun; Managing Partner, Colton Group, Anthony Ajulo and West and Central Africa, Sales Manager, Costar Building Product System, Galkwad Shivkumar during the launch of Costar and Aquafin Next-Generation Construction Solutions in Lagos recently.

Nigeria’s premium construction chemicals manufacturer, Advanced Concrete Technologies, ACT has launched a new range of fourth-generation construction solutions – the first and only 4th generation crystalline waterproofing admixtures in Nigeria at the moment.

The solutions, which included the Aquafin Betocrete Plus, a 4th Generation Crystalline admixtures by the Schomburg Group, Germany, and a new range of Costar Building Product System, USA were unveiled at a ceremony in Lagos on Thursday.

Speaking to newsmen after the unveiling, the Managing Partner, Colton Group, Anthony Ajulo said the launch of the latest construction solutions will aid the Nigerian government’s drive to combat building collapse as well as build more durable roads.

“Why we have building collapses is because of compromises in the quality of building materials. We have gone to bring some of the best quality products in the world. Some of these products such as Aquafin are Germans products, while some others are American products. So, they are best you can find around here.

He said: “Building collapses are caused when, for instance, you are mixing your concrete, and you want it at a certain strength, but you are not using the right dosage of cement or you are using the right dosage but you are not getting the right quantity of sand and all that. Our admixtures will help you address all these shortcomings. And that’s why we are launching these products today. It will help to address the problems of building collapse. It will also help homeowners and consultants to construct homes that are watertight.”

According to him, the launch event themed “Unveiling the next-generation of construction solutions” is informed by the need to drive quality constructions in Nigeria’s building construction landscape, and provide industry operators with quality, but affordable solutions.

“As a respected leader in the construction chemicals and waterproofing product systems, Advanced Concrete Technologies has over the past decade, delivered landmark projects that create long-term progress and economic impacts.

“These set of solutions we unveil today, consolidate our leverage on our innovative systems. This means that now more than ever, we are better equipped to serve the Nigerian market with complete solutions – from the basement to roof – for waterproofing, flooring and general construction chemicals solutions,” he said.

Also speaking, the Managing Partner, Colton Group, Mr Collins Balogun said the unveiled products can help Nigerian tackle the challenge of poor-quality road constructions.

“One of the products unveiled today is the fourth-generation waterproofing systems. You see, the number one problem concrete roads have is water. This is because you are bound to have rainwater moving all around the concrete roads.

“But if this product is integrated into the concrete, this makes the concrete impervious making it difficult for water to percolate. By so doing, it increases the lifespan of the concrete. For instance, if a road is designed to last for 70 years, with the help of our admixtures, it is going to last 150 years.

“We have been collaborating with institutions. A good example is the University of Ado Ekiti. We have been sponsoring research for the past 5 years, showing them the importance of our admixtures on concrete and road designs.

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“Presently, we are on road concrete with the institution and of course the concrete admixtures are offered for free and other support and they do have publications on the results of what they have seen so far. And we can assure you that with these products, you can design a concrete road that can last more than a hundred years.”