Celebrity stylist, Chyna Bee came by our studio and we had an interesting chat with her.

Chyna Bee warmed us with her presence and kind personality on Monday, December 2. The celebrity stylist, who is also Tiwa Savage‘s hairstylist started professionally at 18. During the interview, she revealed her plans for expansion in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Sometime in the year, Chyna expanded her beauty salon, C.B Beauty Bar by acquiring a wider space in Lekki. She has done well for herself, just by being a beauty stylist. Here’s an excerpt from our chat with her.

We started by asking her about the name “Chyna Bee” if it was a nickname and what her real name was. She said,

“Yes, it’s actually a nickname ever since high school, like I was 15, that’s probably 15 years ago, so it kind of like stuck with me. My classmate gave it to me. They said I look like black and Chinese, so they call me Chyna. My real name is Olaide.”

She has worked with a long list of celebrities and some of them were mentioned.

“Quite a few actually…I’ve done Waje, Omawumi, Funke Akindele. When I was doing fashion styling, I did YCee, Banky W, Skales, DSF, Lillian Esoroo, a lot of people.”

Chyna Bee, who was formerly a fashion stylist but she switched to beauty styling, told about the major change in career path.

“About 3 years ago. As you get older, the less you do, the more pace. So I was for over 3 years. I went from styling women to styling men. Since all i knew was about hair, why not just use my talent and open up a business, which I did 3 years ago.”

On the basic things she looks out for when styling a client/celebrity. She responded by saying,

“Definitely what they’re wearing…cuz sometimes you don’t want to do too much. Like if the outfit is really colorful then the outfit should be simple, and if the outfit is simple then the hair could be drastic. I go a lot about by mood, if it’s a female obviously, I go with their comfort zone, what they’re doing and wearing.”

For the looks created on her clients, Chyna said,

” 80% of the time, the clients come up the looks. Like I told you, it’s all about comfort. You tell me what you want I deliver. If I see anything that would look good on them and it’s the trend, I’ll tell them I think you should try this or try that.”

She spoke about suggesting looks to clients by saying,

“Usually if we see something with Beyonce or Rihanna, we can try it and switch it up. Especially with Tiwa, she says we should switch it up, so people don’t say she’s copying this and that. That’s the reason why i love her. So, when we switch it up, it becomes her own style.”

About the celebrity she loves to work with, Chyna excitedly mentioned,

“Can you actually guess? Of course Tiwa Savage…urrm she’s been the one that I’ve been working with for quite a long time. We just clicked. I like creativity, class, and all-around fun and she gives me all of that. She’s very open and when she’s not open, I still listen as a stylist.”

On her plans towards expansion.

“The reason I did expand was growth, more space. Now, I have a bigger space. So, hopefully, in a couple of years, I’ll have different branches and maybe outside the country.”

When she was asked about recommendations with other upcoming beauty stylists and collaboration, Chyna said,

“I will give upcoming artiste recommendations to upcoming beauty stylists because I’ll want to give opportunities to give it a try. I can do training in the future…definitely training in the future.”

Here’s what she has to say to upcoming beauty stylists,

” Believe in yourself, trust your talents and do not give up. I know this sounds cliche. But if God gives you something, it’s for a reason. Even though you start today and it doesn’t work out and you start 3 years ago, it doesn’t work out, trust me it would. Believe me, it would take one day and one person for it to work. Just trust the process.”

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It was a great time chatting with Chyna Bee and we wish her the best in her career.