LAGOS – Air Peace has debunked the claim in some quarters that one of its aircraft was seized in Atlanta, United States of America (U.S.A.).

The airline insisted that it didn’t at the moment have any aircraft in the U.S, describing the claim as the act of mis­chief-makers.

A statement by Stanly Oli­sa, the Media Executive, Air Peace, regretted that some people in the country were bent on destroying the image of the airline even when there was no reason for that.

He said: “Linking Air Peace to the aircraft that was seized in the U.S. is the act of mischief-makers locally, who are bent on tarnishing the image of the airline and its owner.

“We have since learnt that the actual owner of the aircraft appeared in court on Tuesday in the U.S. but un­fortunately, some people are still linking the aircraft to Air Peace.”

The United States federal agents had on Tuesday seized a luxury jet allegedly from a Nigerian man charged in an international fraud scheme.

According to reports into the 15-seater plane’s owner­ship revealed that it is regis­tered to a Helena, Montana, based shell company, Mayfair Holdings LLC, which in turn is managed by Montana Cor­porate Services LLC, a busi­ness that helps people obtain Montana residency through shell companies and in turn avoid sales tax on luxury pur­chases. The filing and process of the LLC is opaque as the identity of the real owner(s) is hidden from public records.

A report by Channel 2 investigative reporter Aar­on Diamant who was at Peachtree DeKalb Airport in Georgia Tuesday, as federal agents processed the plane for evidence and collected ev­idence, quoted investigators as saying the plane belongs to a Nigerian national charged in a multimillion-dollar inter­national fraud scheme.

Diamant watched on Tuesday as agents collected evidence from the plane and a K-9 team swept the plane for drugs and other contraband.

The authorities did not name the Nigerian, who is in custody.

“This is all day, every day. I mean, this is the fruits of our labor, and this is the successes of a great team effort by our state, local and federal part­ners coming together to hit the bad guys where it hurts, in their pocket,” HSI Acting Special Agent in Charge Rob­ert Hammer said.

Agents won’t say specifi­cally how they connected the plane to the man now facing fraud charges.